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BVI June/July '08 Trip report
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:46 pm're right! I am blind! Need to take my woman eyes off Embarassed
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:08 pm    

saildoggie wrote:
Call them out on TTOL!!

Send them over here, I cannot, Carol would ban me for life!!

I have the screen names but cannot give them to you either.

I am sure the TTOL mods are monitoring this thread as well! Rolling Eyes

Call them out on a post to check in here, no worries, I have over 20 witnesses to the whole thing!! Laughing

Actually, I'd like to call out the witnesses as well as the other party. I don't know who any of the witnesses are, so maybe some have already responded.

As someone said before, no disrespect, but we have only heard one side of this. Please don't get me wrong. Dangerous piloting, harrassing at 3:00am, assault, etc. are clearly wrong, but we are being expected to believe that the response was all "please and thank you". If Saildoggie was able to maintain composure in the face of threats to his family, my hat's off to him. I would not have been so composed, I'm sure.

I truely hope that your family is able to cope and put this behind them. Good luck.
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:30 pm    

OK, first the perps:

MTBVI and Paradisebound TTOL screen names, coin on in, let's hear your side!! Dancing

I will ask the TTOL'er's that witnessed the assault to jump on in and tell you what they saw!

No truth has been stretched whatsoever. Exclamation
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:36 pm    Post subject:  Yeppers

Saildoggy - Yep, those guys on the other cat had serious anger issues.

I saw them blast into Great Harbor and into a full anchorage at what looked like full-throttle.

Also saw them trying to push you into a fight at Foxy's.

Then saw them blast into Cane Garden at what looked like full throttle.

Then they harassed my wife and our guests on the beach at Cane Garden.

Then they came into the swim area of Cane Garden with a motored dingy looking for a fight with you. I told them to get out of the swim area with the dingy and use the dingy dock.

Later that evening I saw you at their boat with your dingy and saw them reaching down and grabbing you and punching you at Cane Garden.

These idiots, the charter captain in particular, should lose his license and really should be doing jail time.
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:25 pm    

I do believe the new thread is gone now....

I'm sorry that this happened to you and your family -
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:39 pm    

I was one of the witnesses to several of the incidents. We were RIGHT next to Mark at Foxy's when the guys all came up and were talking to him. Saw someones arm around Mark's neck like they were going to give him a noogie on his looked rougher than a "friend" would do. Joe and I were both like, "who the hell is that?" but weren't sure until later that we were right. We happened to be out on deck and witness the whole thing that happened when the "incident" happened along side the boat. It seemed that they were wherever we were. Definitley made for some unpleasant times. What jerks. Sorry that happened, Mark. I also hate that Nicole and Lynn are upset and having a hard time putting it behind them but I understand. It will just take some time. Let me know if you need anything.


PS..Walker..where's the SPELL CHECK??!! Shocked
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:52 pm    

It is funny to see how quickly two recent posts disappeared from TTOL. They are really quick with the delete button over there!!

Saildoggie once again you are to be commended for your patiences
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:10 pm    

My, oh my, we passed 50 posts and *nothing* happened!!! jester
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:19 pm    

Mark, kudos to you and your family and friends for not allowing anyone to come between you and what was clearly a great vacation! I've always found it's "adventures" both good and bad that make for lasting memories and it always seems to be the "bad ones" that end up being laughed about most in the end.

Sad to hear of such things happening in such a beautiful place but I would rather hear about it than not hear about it and am glad Walker is allowing things to be aired here openly. Nothing wrong with a little free speech IMHO. Wink

Cheers, Andrew
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:21 pm    

Sad that TTOL has taken this route to your report.
Sad that the police could not take care of this situation.

Personally if this occurred to me, ,I probably would have gone ballistic

Personally I would have taken this to the owner/charter company involved.

I hope you have gotten an apology from the other TTOL member.
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:04 pm    Post subject:  OMG....Saildoggie.....

I am so glad you are OK! What a horrible experience for you, Lynn, Nicole and her friend. Here I was pleased as punch that I bought you all drinks at Soggy Dollar for your 50th hoping you would have the best birthday ever.

Trip reports should never be censored. OK, maybe for truly obscene language but not for reporting the truth. When I travel, I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

I often travel alone and would like to know things to be aware of. People/establishments to stay clear of.

I am so sorry Lynn and Nicole are having a hard time dealing with this. I know I would be devastated if someone hurt my dad or husband and harrassed us.

I know you are true to your word as we email each other with our doggie stories.

Anyone who has met you through the TTOL board, personally or through cyber space knows your integrity.

I am just thankful you are OK. Hope Lynn and Nicole feel better soon.

I truly hope I meet you and your family one day. Thanks for reporting a 'true' trip report.

Di & Cali

P.S. Give Trin a big hug for us.

P.S. For those that don't know...Cali is my dog.
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:39 am    

Oh, my...20/20 hindsight can be a wonderful thing...this from one of the perps while he was planning the charter:

all we will need is a COOL room with a Bed. Next day getting provisions, giving some first timers a bit of a tour, start the party again then the next morning on the boat.

This from the other one:

I figure the captain probably already has the must sees in mind, and that we might should just go with the flow (after all, none of us have ever been to BVI)

And this, sheesh:

would say that our group likes to have fun. We're not spring breakers either, and we're in our 30's, but I wouldn't be surprised if our group, relative to other BVI'ers, may be classified as above average when it comes to indulging in cocktails (reminder, our kids are staying home).



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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:33 am    

Well, as the Mom of one of the girls on the boat I can tell you that the situation was handled VERY well by Mark and's my take.....I got my usual nightly call from Haley and she relayed a bit of the story. (this was just after the original altercation at Jost but before the whole CGB incident)...Haley was not freaked out but was worried for Mark. She knew he had broken ribs from the "gravity storm" incident at the villa AND that it was supposed to be his 50th Bday celebration. Bill and Mark got on the phone and made sure I knew what had transpired in full detail so that i wouldn't be worried. I knew all was well, she was in good hands and that they were dealing with these assholes as best as they could. I told her that "ya know , shit happens, people can be jerks just try and put it past you guys and enjoy the rest of your trip"

Honestly, I commend Mark for his restraint and told him I was actually glad Rex WASN'T there because I'm SURE he/they would have ended up in jail...and I'm not joking. Mark stood his ground but did NOTHING to provoke these fuckers to bang on his hulls at 4am and harass them the whole next day.

What these assholes did was truly twisted and reminiscent of some bizarre road rage type mentality. I mean, a mixed up dinner reservation leads one to torment a family on vacation for days! Just sick!

I hope the people responsible are eventually outed and blacklisted, there is no way they should be allowed to conduct themselves in this manner and get away with it.
What goes around, comes around.

ps. Sorry Walker that my first post on your board is such a bitch session! LOL

cheers, Laura
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:47 am    Post subject:  looks like TTOL getting some momemtum now...
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:32 am    

Hmm. Seemed like a pretty civil discussion over there before it got locked. Too bad. To me it casts doubt on the objectivity and credibility of everything else. What else has been deleted unseen? Worse, what self-editing is done because posters fear retribution (even if only having their threads locked or deleted).

In my opinion the moderation is too heavy handed, and does not include (as near as I can tell) any specific feedback to the posters.

It does sadden me that sailingdoggie suffered the experience he and his crew did; that it was at the hands of other people that shared the same Internet social network and information resource is truly unfortunate.

I'll just have to post here instead. <grin>

sail fast, dave
S/V Auspicious
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