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Thanksgiving Trip Report and Photos
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 8:56 pm    Post subject:  Thanksgiving Trip Report and Photos

Last week at Hidden Treasure was fantastic. We really got into the "at home" mode for the first time.

When we arrived and opened our private closet, we found a wonderful treat, courtesy of RichC. He left us pirate's instructions to real hidden treasure that he left for us during his stay in October. The treasure was real gold!

We also enjoyed hanging our "HT" signal flag stained glass housewarming gift from GaryT. We hung it right above our Hidden Treasure day-of-the-week clock.

As always, Thanksgiving with Bell and family was very special. Bell roasted two turkeys, two hams, and had stuffing, sweet potatoes, yams, coleslaw, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and more for the feast. Cow Wreck is the place to be on Anegada for Thanksgiving.

Chuck (WildMeridian) and Jenny were at Cow Wreck Thursday and Friday, and we enjoyed visiting with them.

We made our "Christmas Card" photo in our front yard.

As noted in another thread or two, our fishing for the week was fantastic. We left Cow Wreck well-stocked with shark for tacos.

We spent Saturday night with Davide and Cele and had a wonderful meal at Brandywine Bay. They have made a few changes to the restaurant and it is better than ever. Davide's tapas menu is amazing, and he also has a new cocktail menu featuring lots of martinis, plus my new favorite - the "Anegada Breeze".

On Sunday we went to Scrub Island to see the progress on Wali Nikiti. It is coming along nicely and is quite a piece of art in itself. Davide and Cele are going to have a very unique home that will be like nothing anywhere else in the islands. We can hardly wait to see the completion of it - probably in the early summer.

The full album of photos is online at
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