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Trip Report June 18-July 5 2007 BVI
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:54 am    Post subject:  Trip Report June 18-July 5 2007 BVI

Unless of course I forgot something important or totally blew the cranial recal!!

Day 1, June 18: Arrive Beef Island Airport around Noon.
Customs was no hassle, got our luggage and off to Beef Island Guest House.
A warm welcome waited at Beef Island Guest house, we were greeted by the owner, Chris himself.
Got into swimsuits immediately and went for the water.
Da Loose Mongoose was closed being a Monday, but the bar is open for guests, I simply grab a beer, mark it down and enjoy the day, very peaceful, we had the beach to ourselves.
We made reservations at The Last resort with my handheld VF and enjoyed a very nice dinner. Sleep came easy after traveling and room #3 was quite comfortable even without AC.

Day 2, June 19: Continental breakfast at the guest house, fresh baked goods, peanut butter, jellies, coffee, just right!! Wandered around, got some goodies at Aragorn’s and played on the beach all morning. While lounging out front, I see a cat entering the harbor with a big Texas flag up, could it be??? Yep, the Parrotheads aboard Jeannius!!!
We greeted them at the dinghy dock and started hoisting a few at Da Loose Mongoose.
We hit it right off and were being quite noisy with our antics and laughter!!
McCoy helped me load our mound of gear aboard Jeannius, we displaced their Son into the salon, but the big bear didn’t mind at all..
I had left my TTOL hat in the chair at dinner, so I radioed them mid day and retrieved it, along with the $85.00 that was in the pocket, bought a round of beers for the staff then back to the beach!!
We had dinner at the Last Resort again, quite good food and service.

Day 3, June 20: A nice sail from Trellis Bay to the TMM base. We helped the Parrotheads unload and stashed their extra food and booze in the TMM office to reload the next day. The TMM driver dropped them off at the ferry dock; it was saying goodbye to old friends!! He hauled our crew and gear up to Tamarind Club where we were greeted by many dogs and a warm welcome and complimentary cocktail. We spent all afternoon swimming up to the bar and talking with some of the other guests. The room was very clean, nice AC and a neat view of the pool area. Dinner was very good; I only wish we could have stayed another day or 2 to visit Josiah’s Bay.

Day 4, June 21: Quick showers for the crew; it’s time to re-board Jeannius!!
Free continental breakfast of fresh baked goods and great coffee, TMM’s driver was on site at 8:30 to whisk us off to the base. Joseph was finishing up getting the bowsprit and gennaker rigged on Jeannius; we got our gear aboard and started putting stuff away.
The yacht briefing was performed by Sam, I must say performed, because it was quite lengthy and detailed. Sam is retired Royal Navy and quite a piece of work to say the least, seemed the temperature and humidity at TMM was higher than anyplace on the planet, I was wilting quickly.
Our Bobby’s order arrived right on time and was complete with no substitutions. This gave me a break from the briefing, as I finally convinced Sam to give it a rest and let us put our food away, it was like trying to shut down a nuclear reactor!!
We were basically ready to go sailing, when here comes Sam again, time for our Safety briefing now, no please no, not another 2 hours Sam!!
It was explained to me that having 9 BVI charters under my belt, I was the most dangerous sailor out there, OK, time to start knocking down some beers at this point.
This went on for well over an hour, now Sam is very knowledgeable but I didn’t come here for this. It was then explained I must take a test sail with him, I‘m like tell ‘ya what, I’ll call you if we run aground, OK??
We got extra sheets and towels for the 13 days aboard and had Joseph untie me so I could squeeze Jeannius out with maybe a foot to spare on a diagonal between the brand new Martha R and the end of a dock. Slipped right through, nice and easy, spun her around, I saw someone at the dock waving, couldn’t quite tell who it was, kinda blurry after all those beers, but gestured back in my own way anyway, hehehe.
We had a really nice reach out to the Bight, I really like the way Jennius sails, very solid, no flexing whatsoever. Happy Hooker picked a mooring for the night, she never misses, and dinner was quite good at Pirates and the service was very professional.

Day 5, June 22: Breakfast aboard and off to the caves for snorkeling. The snorkeling was very good and we stayed a bit longer than our allotted 90 minutes as there were other NPT moorings open at the time. We had lunch aboard, the made way for Soper’s Hole to pick up Lauraandrex!! Happy Hooker picked a mooring right in front of the ferry dock and customs facility which was kinda a mistake, as you feel like you are in a fishbowl.
All of the employees just stare at your boat as they have nothing to do unless a ferry is coming or going.
I was enjoying a cold one and the girls were swimming off the back, I hear some guy on the dock yelling my name and waving his arms, oh crap, looks like Sam caught up with me!!!
Nope, it’s Manpot!!! I zoomed ashore in the dink and brought him out to the boat, I was preparing to get ice and chill Red Stripes for Laura and rex and had only some Coors light chilled, shoulda seem Mal’s face offering him one of those,…..priceless!!!
We had some time to kill so went into Pussers for some cold ones.
Laura, Rex, Haley, Zach and RexIII arrived so we loaded up luggage then headed over to The Jolly Roger for drinks and dinner.

Day 6, June 23: TMM sent Marvin over to check out an electrical issue. We started, shut down and had him tinker for a while. He finally says it’s fixed, and then came inside to run the AC for a bit and cool down. About 5 minutes of running, the genset shut itself off, more investigation, a wiped out impeller to the cooling system. Marvin was not pleased, I found a spare impeller in the onboard stash and he went to work again, hanging in the hot engine bay doing an impeller change was brutal, the guy is a trooper!
By mid day, we were operational again and off to JVD for the day.
We set the main, and then unfurled the gennaker for some fun reaching. We made White Bay in quick order and decided to just add an extra reaching leg to St. John and back. Rex III was doing a fine job at the helm as Rex was running around making twing lines to optimize the trim of the gennaker. Happy Hooker made a perfect pick up on a ball in front of Ivan’s and the kids all took off for the beach n the kayak and dink.
We had a great time over at Soggy Dollar, met some more TTOl’ers and watched the crowd cheer as our girls did their gymnastics on the beach. Thanks BillH for the drinks on the board!! We drank those of most of the ones we bought you too!!
Dinner was burgers aboard and we had a great sleep.

Day 7, June 24: Off to Cooper, but by way of around Great Tobago to see if there was an NPT mooring we could grab, never saw one. We decided to take the south route and sail around the back side of St. John, ran into a couple of squalls, but no worries, the kids actually enjoyed them! Caught 3 Bonito on this leg, all released.
Plenty of moorings, we got one close in to snorkel right off the boat.
We headed ashore at Cooper Island Beach Club for some cocktails.
I informed the Manager of CIBC that it was my Daughter’s 13th. Birthday, and something like just a candle on a desert or something would be nice. They did nothing special at all, kinda surprised me, but we had a nice little birthday party with some cool gifts from Laurandrex.
The food was good, but the service a bit non attentive.
We ran the genset and AC after charging the house batteries for almost 2 hours. A few hours later we noticed that nice 14.2 volts had dropped to only 12.1 meaning we are loosing our refrigeration as well as our food!

Day 6; June 25: Killer breakfast by Rex, a mix of onions, peppers, toast, eggs, cheese, you name it all mixed together!! We motored all the way to the Baths, an effort to get our house batteries back up and save our cold food.
Upon arrival, we discovered it Carnival Sheeple day, DRAT!! We sent the kids into the caves and just enjoyed some cold Red Stripes at Poor Man’s Bar, we did have fun watching the folks that looked so out of place at The Baths, we were holding back laughter at times, but heck, it’s their vacation too. There was a guy with a huge Hollywood style video camera following them around, quite strange…..
Time to unfurl the gennaker again for an easy run into Marina Cay.
We lost instruments and use of the electric winches on the way due to again dead house batteries after putting a ripper of a charge on them.
Called TMM again and let them know we would be Leverick Bay the next day to have the battery situation looked into. We ran into Capt. Monk and chatted for a bit, he gave little Bug a Seatrek rash guard to match the rest of crew that wearing them. We had fun doing final assembly of the model boats, epoxied the keels in place ashore at the neat little tables along the beach.

Day 7, June 26: Off to Monkey Point for some snorkeling!
The snorkeling was very good, Rex spotted a spiny crab, and we saw a big cow fish and lots of other fine specimens as well. Rex dove 20 some odd feet for a lost towel from our boat, what an animal!!!
We set sail for Leverick Bay and sailed close hauled out to sea around the point of Great Camanoe. Rex called a lay line into Gorda Sound that I though was a bit skinny, but was nuts on to make the channel markers!!!
We backed into a finger slip and again called TMM letting them know we have arrived and must have the house battery situation addressed as we are headed for Anegada for 2 days. We enjoyed to pool and the Kids raced the little boats, it as a nice afternoon.
The TMM crew arrived as Rex and I were killing a bottle of Pussers mixed with ginger beer; they go down really easy, too easy actually.
The chase mechanic determined that 2 of our 4 house batteries had dead shorts, bringing the other 2 down immediately.
The dock staff, as always was very helpful and made sure we were tied up nicely and even assisted with plugging in the power cords, we wanted a really good charge on the 2 working house batteries we had
There were no replacement batteries available so we opted to bypass the shorted ones and just be energy smart the next couple of days, returning to the TMM base was not an option at this point!
Leverick had the downstairs eatery open and served the biggest, best, Kobe beef burger I have ever had!!
The kids continued to swim and a cool band cranked up for fun and dancing, a nice night again!!

Day 8: June 27: Anegada Baby!!! We had a Lagoon hybrid electric in the slip behind us that was a little tentative on going to Anegada, so we offered to just have them follow us and stay in touch on the radio. I know they all wet themselves when unfurled the gennaker and just took off, they were on the radio in seconds, and it was funny!! We sailed 8-10 kts. Most of the way and made it to the channel marker in less than an hour and a half.
They were still in sight so it was time for the Kids to release their message in a bottle boats!!!
They were kinda teary eyed letting them go, but they sailed away beautifully!!! We waited for our buddies; they made it, dropped, furled, and headed in. We picked up a mooring right in front of Neptune’s Treasure and the kids kayaked ashore.
We arranged a ride to Big Bamboo, Loblolly Bay and had a great afternoon followed by a Light and Stormys with Walker and Nancy and a wonderful dinner at Neptune’s Treasure.

Day 9: June 28: Saildoggie’s Birthday!!! Walker and Nancy were very gracious in taking our crew over to Cow Wreck for the day, and what a nice day it was!!! Shark tacos and plenty of cold beers!!!
They also ran us by the local cash and carry for dinner provisions, steaks aboard and beautiful sunset!!! I even wore the “Old fart” badge Laurandrex gave me on my hat all day!!

Day 10: June 29: Off to JVD! A very nice reach with some quartering seas making steering a bit of a challenge, did not use the autopilot due to having only 50% of battery capacity available. I noticed as the main was being hoisted that the cover on the halyard was gone on the top 6’ or so, last leg using this halyard!! Rex made a batch of bloody Mary’s that was awesome!
Laura sailed for a good portion of this leg. We made Green Cay in 2 1/2 hours or so and stopped so the kids could take the hike with Rex. Made up some sammies and then went to raise the anchor, uh oh, we raised the chain by hand as the windlass would spin but no engagement. Maybe operator error on this one, but Rex loves the macho deal here.
Motored down to White Bay to put some more charge on the batteries, starboard engine battery alarm going off repeatedly, bummer.
Met up with TriciaH and Tommy, had a great time at Soggy Dollar!!
The whole gang taxied over to Corsairs for more fun and great pizza!
We met Paulfox, as cool in person as on the board here!!

Day 11: June 30: Got Tricia and Tommy aboard with their gear and discovered the kids had used ALL of the extra towels and sheets!!! Off to CGB for some maintenance and laundry, a bit tardy to the Stanley’s M&G but made it!!
Met up with Teacherdunn and family, really cool peeps and CUTE kids!!!
The TMM crew worked on Jeannius all afternoon. They reported this:
Stbd engine Alarm: Alternator shot, alarm disabled, battery will charge on port engine
Replaced 2 house batteries
Track pins in mainsail replaced.
Main halyard replaced.
Tested windlass, OK.
Off to Quitos for a great dinner and dancing!!! Yes, Mal I do dance kinda funny!!

Day 12: July 1: Great bloody Mary’s and breakfast at Rhymers with the entire crew!!
Off to Monkey Point with Tricia, Tommy, Teacher Dunn and family aboard. Very nice sail, only 2 tacks, sailed right up to a prime mooring. Great snorkeling again with turtle sightings and great fun!! Lunch aboard then back to Marina Cay for drinks and dinner.

Day 13: July 2: Motor to The Baths and find it a zoo with MANY boats waiting to race for the next mooring, bailed and set sail for Leverick Bay. Very nice sail again, docked up with again, a very friendly staff. Played in the pool all afternoon, ran into Gordapeak and family, what a hoot!!!
Wonderful hospitality from NickR as always!! Great to meet Wifey Monika as well.
Teacherdunn and family had us up to Serindipity villa for dinner, splendid villa and fantastic dinner!!!
Day 14: July 3: Some restocking of beers, ice and supplies, topped of the fuel tanks and water tanks. Another great sail Leverick to Cooper. NickR and Monika saw us off.
All snorkeled ashore except Mrs. Saildoggie and I, they saw turtles, rays, all kinda stuff!!
We followed later with the dink, great cocktails and a wonderful dinner!!! The penne pasta was awesome!!

Day 15: Cooper sunrise was great as always, packed up and headed to the TM base.
Topped off the fuel tanks and was instructed to dock in a very tight spot at TMM, I had 1 foot forward and 1 foot aft on the side pier by the Police dock. There were 2 full width slips available, I should have ignored the instructions and just pulled in. We carefully parallel parked Jeannius and were assisted by Joseph, by far my favorite person at TMM.
I am sure they sent him down to feel us out attitude wise before sending Sam in for the debriefing. Again, lengthy, we detailed all of the maintenance issues that should be addressed before sending her out again.

Off to Beef Island Guest House for our final night.. Tabbed up a bunch of beers lazing out front of Da Loose Mongoose, had my best lobster dinner of the trip and turned in early. It was a very humid night with showers, can’t wait ‘til Chris installs AC at the guest house!!
Early flight out of EIS, met Walker and Nancy again at the airport.

Nice flight home SJU non stop to LAX. American Airlines and American Eagle were flawless.

Great people on the boat and ashore!!
Jeannius is wonderful, best interior and comfort, very solid sailor.
Best lobster: Da Loose Mongoose!
Now favorite place to stay: Tamarind Club!!

Big dog was happy to see us, and our house was immaculate when we returned, a good house/pet sitter: priceless!!

Whew, BAAARUUP! Time for a beer!!
Some pics, more to come cool video links when I figure that out!
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