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On the road to SCUBA certification
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:25 pm    Post subject: Note On the road to SCUBA certification

One step closer to getting scuba certified!
I'm so excited!

Our class of 8 spent 5 hours in the Twinbrook Rockville, MD pool on Saturday going through all of the skills they teach in the confined water dive section of the course.

My objective was to never panic to the surface during the course, and I achieved this objective. I think everybody else in my group panicked to the surface at least once, and some people did multiple times. But, I spend a lot of time deep under water skin diving (no scuba) so I'm very used to being under water for long periods of time without panicking. Many of the students didn't appear to even have any skin diving experience, which I believe was to their detriment.

I feel kinda bad, I accidentally punked my dive buddy into panicking to the surface. It came time for him to have his air turned off by the instructor and then ask for and breath off my spare regulator. They were rushing and got started a little before I got into position. His air was off and I didn't yet have my spare regulator unclipped from my BCD. It took me about half-a-second to pull it loose and when I looked up my buddy was GONE! blush Oops. I felt bad. He was cool about it though.

Later I almost punked myself. I got done breathing off my buddy's regulator and handed it back to him. Only then did I remember that I need to breath off my regulator, and by that time it had drifted around behind my back! I can hold my breath for a loooooong time, so its was not a big deal, and I fished around until I found it and put it back in my mouth.

So next up is the 4 open water dives. Planning to do those with Dive Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands in August, unless someone has a better suggestion for the SVI. I know that there's a dive shop on Vieques as well (in the town of Isabella II).
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