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bbq grills on bare boat charter boats
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:34 am    Post subject: Note bbq grills on bare boat charter boats

Although this subject was posted a while back, I could not reply on that thread, so for others headed off to bare boat thought we might share our bbqing on board bare boat charter vessels world wide as well as the BVI'

This was alll throughout the caribbean, australia, tonga, and tahiti, and our local channel islands

Some of the places have very remote anchorages and no place to eat ashore.... bbq or galley are your only choices. Must say, that we sail nonohulls and not catamrans....and like to be topside when cooking, especially in warm, humid environments. If underway at sea, we use the galley stove, and the cook has to wear a foul weather bibs to prevent a scalding .

Moored or Anchored :

1. The BBQ's have hinged covers that you lower on onto the bbq while cooking.

2' The are attached to the stern pulpit and are out over the water

3. We were moored or anchored, so the bow is into the wind, thus blowing astern away from the boat, out over the wide open waters.

4. Never had any embers blowing at any time.

5. Yes, we used charcoal , if we had gas we would use that instead.

6. Meals were kept simple , main entre and a salad. Easy on the cook, and easy on me since I am the dish washer and galley cleaner.

7. However, we do run the dink up amidships to the opposite side of the boat as the bbq mounting, and secure it, so there is no problem from any bbq situation.

Some of the fun things and critter visitors.


* One time, after bbqing in the bight at Norman Island, BVI we were getting ready to drop off the mooring and head to the next island. The bbq coals were pretty much ash, and we , unscrewed the unit, turned it upside down and dropped the cold coals and ash into the water.

Within a few seconds there were four or five reef sharks madly circling about our stern in a feeding frenzy. They could smell or sense the blood in those ashes that had dripped down from the previous nights steaks. Apparently, they can pick that blood in the water up from miles away. These had to be in very close proximity.

I had never prior witnessed that from clearning a bbq. We have dove or snorkeled shark feedings, but this was something new.

Lesson.... Do not dump bbq coals in the water if there is anyone swimming in the area. That means other people from other boats. Even tho these were generally timid reef sharks, they were extremely aggressive and going nuts.

Australia...the Whitsunday Island.

There are not many places to eat ashore , many of the islands are unpoppulated, so you have to cook on board.

Of course natures creatures are always up for a handout.....and the Aussie Cockatoos would land on our stern pulpit after we had finished cooking and were eating our meals in the cockpit. They were quite comical actors and would sqawk and bob their heads up and down. Well, we do not feed the wild life, and would tell them that in yankee speak as well as assie.... eventually, they would catch on and fly over to other boat, and entertain them for a free meal.



The sea gulls would come screeching and yapping, and land on the dinghy and dignhy motor, and chat it up for scraps. When they realized that they were not going to get fed,, they would all take off and the feathered squadron would launch in formation and fly over to another boat and beg from them.


We bbq'd on most of our bareboat trips....until recent years. Erica wants to spoil herself from the mainland every night cooking duties. So we just fix breakfast and snacks, and eat dinner ashore at one of the beach side restaurants, or open air shacks. Eating out in the BVI, excellent meals, and happy and fun service.


Stay smart and do not worry about burning down the ocean, the bbq's are on the stern, downwind, the the wind is blowing the smoke out to sea.

have a great time, while sailing and bareboating.....

Catalina Island :

Oh, and do cover the two harbors catalina island, about 26 miles off the so calif coast, we had a seagull dive down and he grabbed on of our bbqing steaks. Didnt get all that far, as he was a bit overloaded, but the steak was gone.

We just laughed and split the other steaks up a bit , so that there was plenty for everyone.

Also, DO NOT BBQ on board while docked , especially if wooden docks.

Now the above are our procedures, others have different ideas.
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:10 pm    

Thanks for the post. Good info!
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