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mtbradey trip report 2013 - Day 4 (Virgin Gorda)
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Link to this postPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:28 am    Post subject: Note mtbradey trip report 2013 - Day 4 (Virgin Gorda)

Day 4 - June 8

We awoke early and caught the first water taxi to Gunn Creek. Leon (L&S Garage) met us with our mini safari rental and we went over the "mountain" to Little Dix Bay for breakfast. The ladies then went to the LDB spa while the guys hiked up Cow Hill Trail for a view into LDB and then over into The Valley.

Afterward we floated in the infinity pool at the LDB spa while we waited for the girls to get done. Then we drove over to the Baths. We hiked through the rocks and got in for a snorkel. We went around to Devils and then back around to the Bath's beach before getting out and hiking back through the rocks. We saw a turtle and a couple of flounders and made a couple of swim throughs.

A late lunch and quick dip at the Top of the Baths and we headed to the Yacht Harbour. This tends to be the spot people find their souvenirs. Then we reprovisioned at Buck's and headed back to Gunn Creek, stopping along the way for photos from the overlooks. It was late in the day and the colors weren't as good, but we got some photos anyway. Left the car for Leon at the ferry terminal and caught the 6:30 back to BEYC.

The crew had a great time and this would have been nearing the end of the perfect day, but when we got back to our dinghy on the dock at BEYC, it was tied up differently than we had left it. The bottom was covered in oil. Climbing in I discovered the tank was less than half full. I took the dinghy back to the boat and cleaned it out, thinking a little fuel and a mess aren't a big deal. We didn't lose the dinghy. But I was a bit put out. Got the crew and provisions back to the boat and we cleaned up and headed over to the Fat Virgin. We had it to ourselves and had a great meal - we all had Rotis.

So ended day 4.
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