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American Airlines - San Juan - Beef Island
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Link to this postPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:40 am    Post subject: Note American Airlines - San Juan - Beef Island

We have now experienced both of the AA "partners" since American Eagle stopped operating out of San Juan.

Our observations:

Cape Air (after 3 round trips SJU-EIS): Interesting operation. The flights are fun (Cessna 402). Maximum capacity is nine passengers. There is no air conditioning and the flight can be quite sweaty. Cape Air does not seem to adhere to any schedule. Flying out of San Juan, they have at best been an hour late departing, and have been as much as three hours late. We have had baggage issues with them, also. Nothing lost - but arrived a day late because the flight was too full to bring ours, so it was held back until the next day. The strange thing was that Cape Air could not tell us whether they had it or not. The Cessnas are also slow - the flight is over 45 minutes either way. Worst of all - connecting with American - Cape Air is in concourse B and American is in concourse D and E. It is a long hike between them.

Seaborne - (1 round trip SJU-EIS): I am very impressed. They are very professional and very courteous. Far better, in fact, than American Eagle was. I had read the rules on their website regarding baggage charges and carry-on limitations, so was a bit anxious as we do not travel light. No worry. We had our full complement of checked baggage (4), plus two carryons each - and had no problems and no extra fees either way. Today, we left Beef Island a half hour AHEAD of schedule. All of the passengers were checked in, so away we went. The flights are very comfortable (Saab 340B - air conditioned - 34 passengers). The flights are quick - less than 30 minutes. Seaborne operates out of concourse D - using the same gates that American Eagle occupied at the eastern end of the terminal.

I am going to try to make all of our future connections to Beef Island be via Seaborne.
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Link to this postPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:52 pm    Post subject: Note Seaborne

Hey Walker,

We've been so upset with Cape Air (although we like them to actually fly from Boston to the Cape up here) in SJU that we had given up and been flying to STT and ferrying to Soper's. Always more of a struggle pulling four 50 lb rolling duffles and two carry-ons, wearing 30lb backpacks at 62 yrs old at Road Town customs than the quieter Soper's.

We'll have to give Seaborne a shot this March. Checking out the connection between Jet Blue and Seaborne.

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