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A Blockade Runner's Journey 6/10/13 - 6/24/13
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:04 am    Post subject: Note A Blockade Runner's Journey 6/10/13 - 6/24/13

I set sail aboard American Airlines June 10th. I thought I'd start this now and try to keep up a journal as I make my way to Anagada and back. Can't wait to recount the tales of my journey. - Sandy
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:48 am    

Please do keep this going. Most of us are old-timers at traveling to and from the islands. It will be interesting to read reports from a first-timer.
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Calypso Me
Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:46 am    

The hardest part is the next five days!! You will have a blast. Look forward to hearing your tales of Anegada.
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:42 am    

Well, here I am packing up for my ferry ride to Anegada. I got here to Tortola late Monday night and I've spent 2 wonderful days at the Tamarind Club. The flight to Miami from Houston was fine, but we got hung up in Miami for several hours. Off the plane, on the plane, etc. I don't mind all that. You do want to make sure the plane is ship shape before you take off. But I did get a little worried about hitting my connection to Cape Air in San Juan.

When we arrived in San Juan, I rushed off the plane and went to the desk and asked where my next gate was. They sent me in the wrong direction, to Seaborne Air. The nice lady at the desk apologized for the ignorance of the American representative and told me I'd never make it to the plane in time, then gave me the proper directions anyway. So I started running. I got to a lady sitting in a golf cart and told her of my predicament. She said, "Get in. I'll get you there in time." We rocketed off as fast as a golf cart could go. I got to the Cape Air desk 6 minutes before the take off time, but the guy said the plane had just taken off. I was crestfallen, thinking I'd have to spend the night in San Juan. Not a problem says the guy. We'll get you on the next flight. I was elated, as the American rep in Miami had told me that mine was the last flight to Tortola.

When the time finally came, we walked out to the tarmac and I was greeted by the sight of a tiny twin engine plane. I had never flown in one so small, so I was almost nervous. I was seated right behind the pilot, which was very cool. I could see all the instruments and the view was incredible, even though it was night time. The flight lasted about an hour, with little turbulence. When we set down in Tortola, I didn't think we had set down yet. Our Cape Air pilot was so skilled, the landing was the smoothest I'd ever experienced.

Once de-planed, we hit the immigration and customs line. I had filled out a customs card I had been given at San Juan, and now I filled out an immigration card too. The people were very nice and all went smoothly. Next was the baggage carousel, which didn't have my bag on it. Sad So I went over to the Cape Air desk and filled out some information. They assured me it would probably be on the next flight in.

Next I caught a taxi out front and paid $20 for a ride to the Tamarind Club. When I got here, I found that the front desk was actually the bar. The bearded pirate behind the bar said, "You must be Sandy." Clint is a more than affable fellow and immediately drew me a beer, welcoming me to the BVI. I passed a good time at the bar with some of the locals and had an excellent late supper of fish and chips before finally retiring to the poolside garden room.

The room was clean and even had a mini fridge. I sacked out pretty quickly on the comfy bed.

I awoke the next morning after sleeping for almost 10 hours. I took a gander out the window at the pool and had thoughts of a swim, but when I checked the water, it was a teeny bit chilly. I need a pool to top 84 before I can jump in. Not having my bag and toiletries, I procured some mint leaves from the bar and brushed my teeth the best I could.

I then called a taxi for a shopping expedition in Road Town. I went to the RTW, which is a store akin to Sam's Club or Costco, then I went to the Rite Way grocery next door. I found almost everything I needed, but no contact lens solution. I next headed to Tico for Pimm's and I was set. My driver took me on a tour of the island, which was very enjoyable.I got back to the Tamarind to find that my bag had still not arrived. Sad I dined on a shrimp scampi burger for lunch and enjoyed some beverages before a nice nap. Walker ensured me that they had contact lens solution, so I reckoned I could make it with 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and a toothbrush if necessary. I started calling Cape Air every half hour until they finally delivered my bag at 10:30. TOOTHPASTE! SHAMPOO! CONTACT LENS SOLUTION! I forgot what these things meant to me.

I celebrated the arrival of my bag with aplomb and sacked out for another wonderful night's rest.

Today I stirred early, but it was raining, so I went back to sleep. When I finally awoke, I had an awesome shower and put on CLEAN CLOTHES! I'm so very happy my bag arrived. Smile

I just had an awesome meatball sandwich for lunch and I'm awaiting my taxi's arrival in about an hour. From here I hit the ferry to Anegada. Next post will probably have some pictures in it. - Sandy
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:33 pm    

You are adapting to 'da ilons!
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:52 pm    

Made it here! Finally a flat place! I'll recount my trip soon, but tonight it's Pimm's cups.
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Link to this postPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:24 am    

With my bag finally delivered, I could have pushed off on the morning ferry, but I had already changed plans with my driver to have him pick me up in the afternoon. So I had a lazy morning reading and relaxing at the Tamarind Club. I had another great meal there, and a few Presidentes before my driver came around. I'd like to mention him as he is a really great guy. He knew a lot of the history of the island and he took me around showing me different things. I'll post up his name and number for everyone should you want to use his services.

Anyway, he got me to the ferry landing and helped me unload my boxes of supplies and bags. Here is where I learned that you simply put all your stuff in a pile with your name on your boxes. They load it for you and unload it when you get here. Nobody messes with anything that isn't theirs, which is refreshing. Smile There are several ferries though, so make sure you put your stuff in a pile for Anegada.

The ferry ride was pretty freakin' awesome even though it was a rough day. I chose to stay outside the entire time even though I got sprayed pretty good, I wanted to take in everything. When we got close to Anegada, the color of the water changed with the depth into this unbelievable turquoise, that kind of out-turquoised turquoise. Smile It was magnificent!

Walker and Nancy picked me and my supplies up at the dock and whisked me away to Hidden Treasure. We're about to put the boat in the water, so I've got to go, but I'll write more later. - Sandy
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Calypso Me
Link to this postPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:32 am    

You will have the trip of a lifetime!! Enjoy every minute of it..
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