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Rhymers in CGB
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Link to this postPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:16 am    Post subject: Note Rhymers in CGB


Another favorite place for a land based stay is Rhymers Beach Hotel - you know, the pink building just down the beach between Myett’s and Stanley’s and Quito’s. We’ve stayed there pretty consistently since our first visit to the VI’s in 1996. (Only time we didn’t was when we were on a Moorinfs flotilla.) We are not the luxurious villa, complete with pool, types. Rhymers is definitely not a palace but it has all we want - a kitchen, shower, A/C, an a magnificent view of the beach from the roof over the restaurant just outside our door. (We always try to get Room #21, right next to the roof/balcony.) Back in the day, the BVI Music festival was set up right in front of Rhymers. We always were able to change rooms to one overlooking the street because the amps at the festival rattled the shutters in #21. They serve a great breakfast, and Banana Republic and its happy hour is right next door. Just a hop and a skip to Bananakeet and beyond or to Brewers Bay. The money you save you can spend on Painkillers, goat curry at Jeremy’s and nachos at Marina Cay. dance

Dugg & Chris
Our VI pics are at and the 2012 pics are finally done
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Link to this postPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 5:29 pm    

Have stayed at Rhymers several times. The only hotel with all "Presidential Suites"...well, little has changed since LBJ was in office.
They actually have some pretty decent mattresses (by BVI standards) the AC is always cold. Showers work, can't always promise hot water, but usually.
I always make sure I have a paperclip with me, as it comes in handy reattaching the chain to the flush handle in the toilet. Yup, done this every time!!
The people are wonderful to deal with and the restaurant serves up good food at reasonable(actually cheap) prices.
Can't beat the location.
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