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2-10 Nov 2012 Combined US-BVI
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:51 pm    Post subject: Note 2-10 Nov 2012 Combined US-BVI

A quick trip report - this will not have all the details - post any questions.

IP 370 from Red Hook through US-BVI – Nov 2-10, 2012. We did a “figure eight” of the Islands! After landing at STT (US Air direct from CLT) and provisioning at Cost U Less in STT (hard to beat $11.00 half gallons of Cruzan dark)three guys ( three fraternity brothers from years back) moved aboard our Island Packet 370 from Island Yachts Red Hook, for a sleep aboard. Red Hook - Island Time Pizza and the breakfast at Molly Malones are great, but our new favorite spot is XO Bistro – you can’t get better service, more reasonable prices and good drinks anywhere else!

Weather was perfect – 87/77 every day - occasional brief rain showers – no thunder at all - pretty good wind - unfortunately the waves from Sandy had things a little murky for snorkeling. The IP 370 can really sail, especially hard on the wind in a breeze. Anegada, White Bay and Leverick Bay are our favorites.

Sat - We set out southeast (yes, southeast) through Pillsbury Sound round the south end of St John. A beautiful sail (saw ZERO other boats) Anchored off Lagoon Pt in Johnson Bay – good holding and we didn’t have to deal with Coral harbor. Had a good meal at Skinny Legs and watched college football -Island Blues and Shipwreck were closed when we walked around. There are some ‘interesting characters’ in Coral Bay. Not sure it is worth the trip, but glad we went

Sun – Good sail to Jost – cleared in and out of BVI there - Jost C&I are ALWAYS professionals, yet happy to see you. Moored great harbor, dinghy to White Bay for a visit to Ivan and Soggy - even with a LOT of powerboats a bit too close to the beach, White Bay is a special place.

Mon – Wind was south of east, so we set off for Anegada - had all three sails set, hard on the wind - wow what a great sail. About 26 miles from Great Harbor to Anegada – boat charging along at 7-7.5 knts - had a few storms, and one really threatened as we approached the island, but never really materialized. Walker's apporach information is invaluable - Moored off Neptune - really enjoyed appetizers and drinks at Whispering Pines ( a first visit for us)

Tues - cabbed over to Cow Wreck - had the great fortune to catch Nancy and Walker and chat with them. Got 3 hours in the green Adirondack chairs on the beach, then headed for Virgin Gorda. Always a pleasure to see Nick at Leverick Bay. Had a good meal of pizza and conch fritters there – didn’t care for the DJ thing. Never was a disco guy. Still - love Leverick, the showers and the TTOL deal (and the pool) Skipped Scrubb this time –no ladies to impress with their showers and for me, Leverick is too good to miss.

Wed - Wind still south of due east, so a decent sail down drake channel - On Tues and Wed I saw more sailboats with sails up than I have ever seen in November! The Indians were full but Bight was slow - awful drinks at Willie T - get the beer.

Thurs - mostly motor sail in light wind past St John to check back into US at Cruz Bay - very profession and quick. Took a mooring at lind point and dinghied in. I HATE the ferry drivers from BVI - I have no doubt they get close to dinghies on purpose.
Spent a beautiful afternoon and evening at Christmas Cove off Great St James – swimming, did some snorkeling - saw some LARGE rays cruising about…ate the last of the provisions, finished the beer and almost finished the rum.

Fri - checked back in with Island Yachts at Red Hook, and then spent a relaxing day at Island View Guest House – love the place – waiting for the plane.

FWIW - moored most nights, anchored a few, slip one - The IP 370 (sailing and motor sailing a fair bit) used $80 in fuel for the week. The only place anyone got sunburned (SPF 15-30) was across the mid back - we later figured out the seat back for the helmsman rubs the sunscreen off - everyone who drove got the same burn!

Post/PM with questions
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:49 am    

Sounds like a great trip, a few of us old guys (known each other 60+ years) do and island sail every couple of years. It's a great get together

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Link to this postPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:08 pm    

How do I post a photo?
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:08 pm    

Capndar wrote:
How do I post a photo?
Photo has to be on a web server somewhere. If you don't have a picture hosting service, email it to me and I can put it on my server so that you can post it.y
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:41 pm    

Sounds like a great trip. I really need to do the BVI by boat some time soon.
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:58 am    

Bad drinks at the Willy T? No way! Wink They were really pissing me off when we were there this year...I guess they were getting near the end of their "shift". I'd order a beer and the guy would reach in the cooler where my brand was supposed to be and give me the beer. More often than not that night it was not the right brand....the guy would then hurl the beer into the bight. drown
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