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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:19 am    

We are not as well travelled as some of you folks although age wise we are about the same "well seasoned" status. Our travels though have taken us to a couple of other islands.

I went to Grand Lido Braco in my previous life. We were upgraded for free to the nude side (not c/o) and we did not set foot off the resort. That was a mistake. The Braco beach was so-so (reclaimed sand I think), the food was too much, the "free" liquor flowed freely (bottle of grand marnier delivered to our room) but in the end I did not think that $2500CDN each was a good value. There was no way that we ate and drank our $5000 worth. Repeat: NOT

Nancy & I went to Negril for our honeymoon in '05. We stayed on 7 mile beach at a small Sandals run hotel. It was AI but without all of the organized stuff that you get at a regular Sandals. As long as we both live we will never set foot on 7 mile beach again nor Jamaica. The dusk to bedtime hassling of the beach vendors was just too much. From the $100 handful of dope that would have filled my fanny pack to the "Heh mon wanna parasail, Heh mon wanna taxi, Heh mon wanna snorkel" we could not get away from them. The only times that were relaxing were when we went on the HedoII cat cruise and the day that we took a taxi tour to Mayfield Falls (wayyy better than Dunnís) and the rum factory. Even the HedoII cruise was a rip-off. $60US with no food for about 4 hours. REPEAT: NEVER

I went there 2x in the 90's with my ex and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One beach in the AM and another in the PM then spectacular food in the evening. Yes things are different there today re: crime but I would still like to take Nancy there one day. I would also do another day trip to St Barts.

Again another excursion from my previous life. South coast, Ceinfeigos. We were there shortly after the Russians had bailed out and the Cuban economy was crippled. The AI resort we stayed at was 70% fat east Germans squeezed into Speedos and bikinis (nude would have been better), 25% Canucks, 5% US who flew out of Toronto. The beach was ok, food was iffy but the price was only $650 each AI. It was the only time that my ex & I came home weighing less than when we left. We did however meet some fabulous Cubans. The Cubans working at the resort and the people in the streets were all fabulously friendly. Even the airport secuirty guys, xraying your luggage for conch shells were nice.

We rented a 4x4 one day and drove for 2 hours to With nothing but a hand drawn map we navigated our way there with the guidance of people we stopped on the side of the road. With nothing but hand gestures and a smile they all directed us clearly. We made the trip with a little old lady from Toronto. She was at least 65 and she worked at Capital Records as a secretary. She had been going to Cuba off and on since the days that the army would escort you from the airport to the beaches of Varadero. She walked at dusk and she said that she felt safer there than DR, Mexico or Jamaica.
REPEAT: someday the beaches of Cayo Largo

We went there for my son's wedding in '04 staying in the St Lawrence Gap at an efficiency hotel for $100 a day. For the first 3 days we took the buses to go to the beaches...worked great although the walks in / out to the bus stop were a pain. In the 10 days that we were there we settled on Crane and Bottom Bay as the most spectacular beaches we have set foot on. As with the BVI's c/o is prohibited but when there is nobody around for at least a mile who cares what you wear. And we were there in mid Feb at the height of the tourist season. Great food...we ate from street vendors, we went to the Friday night fish fry / dance in Oisins and we had fancy meals. We did a day long rum cruise for $65 each...left at 930AM, returned at deal I have ever seen on a rum cruise.
REPEAT: In a heartbeat.
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