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BVI Trip Report Part II
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Link to this postPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:12 am    Post subject: Note BVI Trip Report Part II

June 28 breakfast aboard One Love in The Bight, motor over to The Caves for our first snorkel, the water was really nice and clear and good showing of fish.

We relaxed and had lunch aboard then raised and unfurled and had a nice sail up the Drake to Trellis Bay, had a Moorings cat try and mess with us but dusted them in short order. Brian was sailing One Love to weather very well and we practiced some tacking along the way. We went to anchor in near ‘De Loose Mongoose but were getting depth sounder alarms and the tide was lower than I ever saw it so grabbed a mooring right by the reef off Last Resort’s dock.

Nicole and Haley took the kayak from Island Surf and Sail in for ice cream at Cyber Café (a couple of times) and we grabbed a few supplies at the market as well as some neat one of a kind art pieces from Aragorn’s Studios..

Tony, Melody and crew on Aristocat II came in shortly after and anchored in their “secret spot” (right where we were going to) I snuck over for a drink and to get a headcount for dinner reservations, called them in from AC II, it was funny, he made me repeat, 16, you mean ONE SIX??? I acknowledged and he sounded excited to have us come in. Thanks for the Jell-O shooters (buckets) Mel,

Dinner was great as was the company; SusanC’s group was seated near by.
Doug, Dave, or whatever his name is took the stage with keyboard, guitar and several digital music machines; this guy was GREAT, took every request thrown at him and was really entertaining. Chris (Tradewinds) and I took turns spilling glasses of water on each other from across the table and also a few salvos of bread crust, the Admiral did not approve of this activity, I ignored the first few “stink eyes” and punches in the arm though!!!

Picture credit Tradewinds:

Melody even burst out a few of her very special “WHOOOOHOOO’s”

I only turn 51 once and this was a blast!!!
Thanks everyone for coming and joining in!!!
Nicole and Haley slept in the mainsail stack pack!

June 29: Breakfast aboard and then motor sail to The Baths.
The moorings were crammed full with several bots in front of us waiting; many boats were anchored amongst the moorings and also on the yellow dive boat balls.

Brian got some good practice hovering around with the dual throttles but we were done waiting, we headed 2 bays down to a nice sand bottom anchorage that already had a couple of cats in it and dropped the hook.

A short dinghy ride and we were on the dinghy tie up and off snorkeling and exploring The Baths. We snorkeled over to Devils Bay and went ashore to go through the rocks.
Our newbie’s, Tammy and Brian were really digging The Baths and the unique surroundings![/url]

We saw only a few other people the whole way through, really nice actually!! We settled into Poor Man’s Bar for some cold ones and hot dogs, just great for sure!!!

The beach was deserted, all of the boats on moorings must have been staying aboard, and it was really a nice change from some of the crowds we had experienced at The Baths on previous trips.

Nicole insisted on taking over as Dinghy Captain and gave us an exciting ride back to on Love!!!

We sailed up the coast of Virgin Gorda on a reach, Brian steering great again, I pointed out the marker to stay left of at Collision Point and we were jammin’!!!
We hit a big header wind shift and went close hauled, playing with a couple other cats and also monos, we made quick work of those and soon had them all in our rear view mirrors. We saw Blue Moon gong through the Anguilla Cut and also heard Jeannius was motoring on in.

Brian piloted One Love into a slip at Leverick with a big gallery of welcome party on the dock! The whole ACII, Blue Moon, Jeannius crews as well as Capt. Rick!!

David of course greeted us with the always big smile and we eventually got hugs and welcomes from Nick!

Ran into Gordapeak (Steve) and son Andy, great to see you guys!
Those Red Stripes were good and cold!!

We enjoyed various libations, took a little float in the pool and later had a great dinner in front of The Jumbies Bar; the burgers are all as good as they ever were!!

June 30 Dinghy Poker Run!!!
We all had a nice sleep at the dock, great breeze, no need for AC at all.
Nicole and Haley made reservations at The Spa for facials and mani/pedicures as we geared up for a REALLY fun day!!
After getting our poker hands started, the bar was busy getting everyone properly medicated for what was ahead.

Big Thanks to Mike, Jean, Candace, Cuz Robin, Monica, etc. for the scoring, Nick, Alex, the whole Leverick crew for making this even somehow more awesome last year!!,

Gemma from arrived early enough to catch the festive mood that was brewing and stayed with us all day, order your favorite shots all you Pirates!

The entire Leverick bay Staff was in theme and looking great, even Alex!!!

Virtual Ed took a ton of great shots as well, right here:

The water canons, buckets, lethal water balloons, etc. started as soon as we pulled the dink away from One Love. The Admiral was even a bit taken back but got right into character after she soaked some near by dinks!!

We all made the rounds to Sandbox, Saba Rock, Bitter End, and Fat Virgin and finally back to Leverick for our final cards. The antics along the way are still a blur, fake breakdowns, waving for help, ambushed when aiding the disabled, stolen flags, dinks, women, water canons, nobody acting like a sane adult, oh, the AC II Crew totally covering our throttle/tiller outboard handle with Cheese Whiz (I licked it off)
The list goes on, many were relieved of their shorts by the guy in red, including me, doused some perps with ice water to be returned with an attempt to douse me and a nice dent in the head from a pewter pitcher..All good Mon, all good!!

I heard so many grown men laughing like giddy school girls, what a nice thing in the World we live in, this was meant to be fun and my gosh it was fun!!

Nick and Monika ran the awards which were again just great and the band piped up with a wonder buffet for all to enjoy.

My crew crashed on the boat and we closed the Jumbies bar with at least a dozen Dark and Horneys a piece with the usual suspects!!

I was up early and ready for the race to Anegada, some of usual suspects were moving quite slowly.

My story and I’m stickin’ to it…

To be continued……

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