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BVI April 3-10 part I of report
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:44 pm    Post subject: Note BVI April 3-10 part I of report

First a quick explanation, when Tom Garvey told me Sanctuary was available for 5 days the first week of April for a sweet deal I jumped all over it. The dates perfectly matched my girl’s Spring Break dates from school, well the girls told me they wanted to wait for the June/July trip but to go and have a good time.

I contacted my Nephew, Keith to see if he could get leave from his active duty Air Force and let him know he could bring a buddy. Soon after, they were inked!!!

Now here’s the tricky part, Tony and Melody, owners of AristoCatII saw our dates and offered to have us come aboard a few days with them after we return Sanctuary.

OK, with me here or not?
We met them at Foxy’s Cat Fight last year and had a great time with them,
Most of us know a lot transpired between Sanctuary’s charter co and the ACII peeps but we can put that behind us, we vowed to not even talk about it, let’s just go sailing and have fun and that we did!!!

We got a couple of TTOL’ers to join us, so here we go:

The crew;

Nephew Keith, USAF Loadmaster
Caesar (Malone) USAF Loadmaster
Tradewinds (Chris)
Sail2wind (Evan)

Started out at Cane Garden Bay on April 3, rented a brad new Montero from Jerry’s as the original plan was to meet Garvey at Soper’s to take over Sanctuary after their charter.
Met Cheryl (Purple Pineapple) at Big Apple for some cold beers and to give her a radio I brought down for Wakumba.

Myetts happy hour with Mal, Candace, Maineskier, our crew and whole gang of fun peeps, on to Elm BBQ for a wonderful meal and then finish off the evening with Quitos, great first day on ilon!!! Even enjoyed a few cold ones with IslandJim!!!
Elm Suites was nice and clean and very comfortable.

Day 1 sailing:
Garvey opted for CGB so no worries, he brought his crew and the laundry ashore and we had a nice briefing with Brent from Provalor Sailing, short and sweet since he knew I have sailed many miles aboard Sanctuary with owner Tom. Quick paperwork and done.
Sanctuary was super clean and ready to go; Tom swam out with his lovely Lady Jan and their friend and went over a few new things aboard with me then swam back ashore.
Bobby’s brought our provisions to the dinghy dock and we got them put away and went ashore for our last goodbyes to Mal, Candace, Tom and crew as well as Georgec1 and his wild crew.
We had some beers aboard and a quick crew meeting and decided to head for The Bight, Norman Island, decent breeze and a nice sail got us there right at sunset.
Headed straight to WillyT after picking up a mooring, the place was a zoo with all the Spring Regatta crowd there; we had a nice dinner and eventually retired for the night.

Day 2;
Sail Norman to Leverick Bay after a great breakfast by Evan, Bananas Foster I believe.
Everyone had a turn on the helm as we tried to stay clear of the Spring Regatta boats that were on their weather leg. We powered up after crossing through The Dogs as the batteries could use a good charge and we had enough sailing for the day.
We backed into the slip at Leverick with the help of always smiling David n the dock and proceeded to the pool for a dip followed by many rum punches and such.
We opted for dinner downstairs at The Cove, they have changed the Kobe burgers to Angus but they were still really great.
Nick even made it down to visit for a bit, he had a long day with Mum and Monica and really went out of his way to see us.
We met Capt. Rick from Sophisticated lady and enjoyed hanging with him and parrot Lucky at The Jumbies bar.
Rick invited us out to his boat for some cocktails, beautiful boat and just incredible inside, the others dropped like flies but dummy me finished off a few more strong ones with Rick before retiring for the night.

Day 3:
Anegada baby!!! The boys and I had Bloody Mary’s and breakfast at The Cove, topped off the water and ice and headed for Anegada. Light winds and flat seas but saw the entrance markers after about a 2 hour sail.
We anchored out in front of Potters and let the boys tool around in the dink a bit then headed into Potters for a drink and a ride over to Cow Wreck.
Cow Wreck was cool, talked with Belle and Alex a bit; Caesar got his first intro to snorkeling.
Back to Potters to firm up our dinner reservation then back to Sanctuary for a few cold ones and a de-salting before dinner.
The service and food at Potters was very good, I really enjoyed my lobster and everyone else seemed pleased with their meals.
I spoke with Potter about our TTOL Flotilla group coming in for an awards dinner on July 1 after our race to Anegada; he will be a wonderful host.

Day 4: breakfast aboard then off to trellis Bay for the Michael Beans show!!
Nice sail, moderate breeze, had the trolling lines out; I think we caught a Bonito that we released on this leg.
We stopped at Great Dog for a snorkel and lunch….dogs at the dogs, just right!!

Sails back up and off to Marina Cay, the starboard trolling line lit up, Evan grabbed it first set the hook and Chris finished the reeling while I was steering, saw color, holy Mackerel!!! We thought it was a Wahoo as did Pusser Marina Cay when we presented it to them, but expert examination of our photos tell me it was King Mackerel, no idea they got big, in the 50 lb. range for sure!!!

We continued to Marina Cay and entered on the Scrub island entrance and proceeded in close and up front on the right side of the beach, dropped a hook in about 5’ of water and drifted back on our set right next to GeorgeC1 on Dream Cat.
I was being considerate to a power boat that was a good 30’ behind us, “you OK with this” wrong question, this guy started going off: “Number one there is no holding there, number two you will drag and swing into me, number three, whatever…I told him “just hold on to here and four” he had 200’ of chain out and was stern tied to a mooring.

I grabbed the big fish and held it up to sport fisher’s stern and simply said “you got one of these pal?? No, then just shut up!”

We presented the fish to Chef Tyrone, his eyes lit up; we made reservations for dinner at 7:30 at that time. The Michael Beans show was really good, a nice crowd but a bit tough to keep your drink filled.
We went over to Pusser’s for dinner and told we had to wait, so we hit the bar and ordered appetizers, a menu was presented that had fresh Wahoo $30 we all chuckled about that.

Time passed and we were becoming very late being seated, I talked to the Manager, Alison and was kinda shined me on, me watching all the people eating the Wahoo (King Mackerel) the team had boated. We met a couple from Canada that could not get a reservation (the lady was very pretty) so I went back to Alison and informed her we are no 7 people and need to be seated right away, reminder her everyone is eating OUR fish. We got a nice table near the water and fully enjoyed the catch of the day, the service was decent, and they were very busy.
The bill was presented with a 50% reduction, Evan sent it back telling them that was not good enough, it came back with drinks only but we tipped for the total at full price.

Day 5: breakfast aboard after Evan and Chris dinked over to Trellis bay, Evan fell off the dink on the way back!!
Went through the Great Camanoe cut heading for Monkey Point, e did a sail-by as it looked a bit rough and clouding for snorkin’. We set a course for the Kingfish Banks.

Almost to the banks and both trolling rods lit up!!
We boated two hefty Yellowfin Snapper that looked quite tasty for dinner!

We sailed into Little Harbor and took a ball then brought the fish in to Sydney’s. We paid Harris for the ball then secured the dink to it and headed over to White Bay for a nice afternoon. We anchored out off the rocks at the point that divides the bay from Ivan’s as the anchorage was stuffed with boats. Swam ashore, visited with Vinny, Roger and Mick, drank up a nice tab TriciaH and Tommy left us and enjoyed the afternoon.
Motored back to Sydney’s and cleaned up for dinner, there was a small division of PR Navy wannabees stern tied to the dock; they were having fun and quite pleasant to be around...
Tony and Melody of AristoCat II joined us for dinner and Chris moved on to their boat to have his own cabin.

The Snapper was awesome and served with a smile, we of course tipped well as they did not present a bill.
The boys enjoyed the honor bar and we had another great evening.

Day 6: Up early, Brent asked that we return Sanctuary to Nanny Cay fuel dock by 9:00 AM Evan fired up some sausage and eggs on the way and we made the fuel dock just a few minutes after 9:00 AM

I had called Provalor Sailing’s cell phone on the way, finally Mike answered works for Brent, Mike met us at the fuel dock and brought Sanctuary in for an uneventful de-briefing.
The boat was perfect, no major problems at all, Evan was a bit miffed the masthead light was out and the oven would not stay lit, both mentioned, no biggy.

Stay tuned for part II which starts a whole new adventure, new crew and boat on the same day!!!

Saildoggie photo/video link here:

Tradewind's photos here:
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