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New to BVIs - Need friends/help
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A l'abordage!
Link to this postPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:33 am    Post subject: Note New to BVIs - Need friends/help

Greetings all,

Will here from the Outer Cape (Truro) in Massachusetts, USA. Looking to explore the islands in the immediate vicinity of Tortola (maybe further). Settled in Culebra during the winters of 15/16 and 16/17, and love the Caribbean and want more more more...sailor at heart, though not many hours under my belt at the helm. Originally came to Culebra to mate for an outfit that has a charter business in Provincetown, MA, who recently bought a vessel in Culebra. I was invited down to mate for the winter season, but the boat needed a lot of work before we could feel comfortable taking customers out. A bit frustrating, but I was able to placate my desire to be on the water by being in, and around the water...still...a sailor on dry land is a sad sight, as you all know... reasoning for joining up with virtual partner and I would like to spend 6 weeks sailing the islands and settling on any given island for a spell while exploring and hiking, swimming, snorkeling, etc. Looking to rent a sailboat that our experienced captain friend would take us around in. Need info for the best place to rent a boat from that's reputable, yet affordable, etc. any help would be great.

I am a web developer and work on-the-go as time and connectivity allows. I have spent winters out west working in the ski industry for Vail Resorts, but looking at settling somewhere in the Caribbean during the winter, or December through March or April. Love to barter work in exchange for whatever. I am in recovery from alcoholism, so though I don't drink, have no problem with others who can enjoy responsibly. We travel with my 4 year old dog, Gertie, who is a polite young lady, and travels extremely well.

Looking forward to exploring the forum, and meeting up with some of you virtually, and maybe even in person, as we explore the Caribbean!

My best to you all!

PS: "A l'abordage" is a pirate name I liked so I used it for my handle here. It means, roughly, "Coming aboard! Arg!"[img][/img]
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