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Clearing in at Auguste George (Anegada)
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:52 am    Post subject: Note Clearing in at Auguste George (Anegada)

What is the current procedure for clearing in at Auguste George airport when arriving on a charter flight (from St. Thomas)? We will be arriving on a Sunday afternoon - staying at Neptune's Treasure.

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Link to this postPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:07 am    

I'm not really sure I'd call it a "procedure" but I can give you some insight. Your pilot will likely give you customs cards to fill out while you're in flight. When you land, the pilot will help you get your bags from the plane to the newly renovated terminal building! This should be quick because it's about a 50 foot walk.

Odds are good that no customs/immigration officer will be there. The pilot will leave the paperwork for your flight with the airport crew and they will also take your immigration forms.

At that point you are pretty much done.

When you leave, you need to stop by the small office in the airport and pay your departure tax. I think it's $15/person but it might be $20. Then you get on the plane and head back to STT.

If you really want a stamp in your passport, stop by the airport once in a while and you'll eventually find the customs officer. If you are planning any side trips to Tortola, I would recommend getting stamped before you go and carrying your passport with you just in case someone at the Tortola airport questions you.

I've gotten a stamp less than 50% of the time I've flown directly to Anegada. Sometimes that stamp was when I arrived, sometimes when I left (just because I wanted the souvenir stamp), sometimes at Potters bar, and once at Cow Wreck.

No worries. Very low stress!!
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:06 pm    


Thanks - that's what I wanted to know!

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Link to this postPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:34 pm    

C&I is very low-key on Anegada. If you drop off your paperwork at the airport office like Jason said, you will have no problems on Anegada.

The immigration officer is Dennis Vanterpool. He is also a taxi driver, and is very rarely at the airport. The customs officer is Alread "Bolo" Smith - also rarely at the airport. Bolo has a number of other businesses that keep him occupied.

Dennis and Bolo are each other's backup.

If you are on Anegada for any length of time, you will probably see both Dennis and Bolo - but you will not know it. They almost never wear uniforms. Dennis drops by Neptune's fairly often. If you want your passport stamped, let the Soares know and they will pass the word to Dennis when he comes by.

If you go to Tortola, like Jason said, I would recommend getting your passport stamped. I went once with doing so and was wire-brushed pretty strongly by the immigration officer at the Beef Island airport. I won't do that again.
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:46 am    

Hi Walker:

Thanks for the additional information. We're planning to stay on Anegada but I wouldn't mind having the stamp in my passport - if only for the fun story of the "process".

We'll be down on the 12th staying for a couple of weeks - are you all going to be at Hidden Treasure? I am sure we will be spending some quality time at Cow Wreck.

Hope to you you all,

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