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XMAS '06 Trip Report!!
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:52 pm    Post subject:  XMAS '06 Trip Report!!

Dec. 18 day one on ilon:
Arrived EIS around Noon, BareCat’s driver was there to pick us up, off to Nanny Cay.
We placed our luggage in the storage area and went straight to the pool for a swim and some cold ones from peg Leg Landing, we had a nice lunch by the pool then checked in. Our Deluxe room was very nice.
We visited with Clothier of Yachtshots and enjoyed playing with the new puppy.
We had dinner at Peg Leg, very nice setting, full view of the Sir Francis Drake channel; the service and food were both good. Retired early for some much needed rest.

Day 2: Breakfast at Gennakers, perfect as always, brought French toast and pancakes back to the room for the sleepyheads. Lots of locals hanging out at Gennakers and also some people preparing or returning from charter with the local Co’s.
We packed up and spent the afternoon at the pool again, then took a cab over to the BareCat base at Sea Cow Bay. We were greeted by both owner Mike and also Tom Moore. Tom was working on the inverter and getting HoneyCat ready to go.
Lynn managed to dump Nicole’s bag in the water trying to get it on the boat. It was funny, as only Lynn’s stuff that she added to it really got wet. We settled in for our sleepover and made reservations at Rita’s Finish Line restaurant.
Tom from Barecat shared a few of the base beers with me, as I was a bit parched.
Bobby’ delivered our food, only a couple of substitutions, the frozen stuff was really frozen, and the produce top quality. We loaded the separate freezer and fridge and stowed all of the provisions.
We met Rita and had a few drinks at the bar, then were seated for dinner.
What a treat this was, home made Italian food. I had the best chicken Parmesan I have ever eaten, Lynn had the Eggplant and Nicole loved the chicken fettuccini, she ate the biggest mound of food I have ever seen her eat. The food was outstanding, homemade garlic bread to boot.
Our cab driver, Benskee visited with friends at the bar during our entire stay.
This is a real locals place to meet!!!
We retired to the boat and watched about half of Pirates of the Caribbean 1 then slept very well with a gentle breeze and excellent ventilation on HoneyCat.

Day 3: Breakfast aboard then a briefing with Mike, very cool briefing I may add.
They tell you don’t hesitate to call even if you just need a drink recipe!!
We checked out all of the operating systems and were ready to go!! Our itinerary had already changed; a gentleman at Rita’s impressed upon Nicole that Bubbly Pool was happening right now and to go straight there!! We sailed almost out to Norman first, hoping to meet up with the yachtshots BVI dink, but didn’t see it and peeled off to a wing and wing run all the way to Soper’s hole. HoneyCat sailed DDW very well, I traveled the main out and sheeted it just hard enough so the battens were not deforming on the shrouds. The helm is incredibly responsive on this boat, 1 turn lock to lock, the autopilot handled the DDW course very well, and I just pushed buttons and sipped my cold beers.
We called TriciaH and Tommy as they were on JVD already.
We picked up a mooring at Diamond Cay and went ashore to taboo for some cold ones.
Tricia and Tommy arrived via taxi and we sipped some more cold ones and enjoyed a pizza. I left my shoes aboard, so the chef, George loaned me a spare pair of crocs, off to the Bubbly Pool!!
There were a few people just leaving as we arrived, then we had the place to ourselves.
We had a blast getting pounded by some waves; Nicole really got a kick out of it, a few bruises also.
We had some more cold ones at Taboo, the Tricia and Tommy headed back.
We showered aboard and went back to Taboo for dinner. Lynn and I had lobster, it was just OK, a bit dry. Louis, the bartender/waiter did a good job at the service.

Day 4: Pancakes and sausage aboard, then I realized this was the Christening day for Sea Dancer. I fired up the engines about 9:30 AM and zoomed up to Road Reef Marina.
We finally tied up in a very tight TMM dock, rafted up on another cat.
We got to tour Jeannius, wow, lots of beautiful wood inside!!
Snapped a couple of pics of the new upholstery for Mike, then off the meet the Sea Dancer crew.
The Minister held several prayers, and then continued with prayers blessing the boat and Crew, sprinkling holy Water all over the boat. Mitch finished by pouring some bubbly over the bow, then some nice finger foods and changed were enjoyed by everyone.
We hoisted sail and headed for Cooper Island, Sea dancer would follow later.
Caught a nice Bonita on the way to Cooper, gently released him.
Picked up a mooring and enjoyed the beach, then dinner aboard.

Day 5: Feeling a bit lazy, we opted for a downwind run to The Bight, Norman Island.
Picked up a mooring close in on the left side and went for a refreshing swim. A big center console dink flew very close by us at least 35 MPH, I was back aboard quickly after that.
I dried off, watching it go the mega yacht, Kisses anchored outside the bight.
I hailed Kisses on channel 16, they responded and we switched to another channel and established contact. I asked the captain if was aware of speed limits in anchorages….the mike went dead, no reply!! We then snorkeled along the rocky shore, snorkel flags in place and saw a good variety of fish.
Sea Dancer and friends on another TMM boat arrived about 7:00 PM, we had just returned from a quiet drink n the Willy T. We guided them to moorings with our flashlights, and then decided to join them for dinner at pirates. Great food and service, then a limbo contest and dancing until all hours.
We met TomGarvey, thanks for the Rum Punch!!

Day 6: Motored out to the Indians and picked up a mooring, a bit of surge, but very good snorkeling. We hoisted sail, thanks electric winch and made a course for Trellis Bay.
Just rounding the tip of Peter Island, we see tom Garvey coming up on us in his island Spirit 37, Sanctuary. Tom had the main reefed and we did not. We were very matched in speed, especially with our bearded bottom on HoneyCat. I finally cheated a bit rounding point of Beef Island and ran the motors, did not feel like tacking twice more. We picked up a mooring and Tom anchored close in. Stopped by and had a cold one with Tom, then we enjoyed the De Loose Mongoose for a while. Dinner aboard and more DVD movies.

Day 7: Early start to Monkey Point, the winds had picked up considerably
We picked up a ball and enjoyed watching the pelicans fly in the high winds hunting for their breakfast. We snorkeled into shore hoping to see sea turtles where we did last June, but there were none to be seen. There was a considerable amount of surge making the water a bit stirred up, but still good snorkeling up near the point.
We had our traditional hot dogs at the point then motored up toward Lee Bay; our final destination for the day was Gorda Sound. Instead of passing back through the cut and going the protected route, I opted to reef the main and jib and head to sea, both Girls were napping by now, and I had my hands full!!
The waves were big and it was choppy, but I came here to sail, RIGHT??
I sailed a few miles out then tacked and made it to the Anguila cut, started the motors and proceeded up to the entrance at Calhoun Reef. We took a ball at Leverick, and then were heartily greeted by Nick. The dock looked good, still some work to be done though.
The pool felt great after that sail, and the rum punches went down easily. The bartender brought 2 more rounds over, thanks to Nick, what a way to make a guy feel welcome!!
Nick also gave me a cool die cast model of the phone booth shower; it’s on my mantle with my other collectables.
We met the crew from Good Medicine, a moored neighbor and let our girls yack for a while. T bone steaks and cheesy potatoes aboard and Pirates II to chill to…does it get any better than this???

Day 8: Breakfast aboard, then top off water and ice at Leverick. Hoist sail for a long down sail to JVD for Christmas Eve dinner. Small squall and rain persisted as we exited the channel. I set for wing and wing again and surfed toward JVD. Nearing the end of Tortola, a big squall was approaching. I was far enough out to gybe the main and head for JVD so did so. This was good, as I could now head up in the gusts and adjust sail power with the helm on a wide reach. I saw winds indicated up to 32 Kts. for a sustained period of almost 30 minutes. I actually put a jacket on, it was a bit cold and water kept getting in my beer!!! I drove the boat without autopilot, as being able to de-power was essential.
The squall was gone and we were approaching Sandy Cay, suddenly my fishing reel went off, dang, another fish!!! I hit the autopilot up 20 degrees to slow our reach and reeled in the biggest Bonita I have ever seen. I quickly released it and sailed right up to the entrance of Little Harbor. Sidney was on us in his dink before we ever even finished tying up to the ball!! The Lady from Harris was not far behind.
A Moorings 4600 took the mooring next to us; it was boat #1, with Mr. Robertson (Robertson Cain) himself aboard. We met the kids at Harris and they invited us aboard. Mr. Robertson seemed to not want much to do with us, after all, we were on an island Spirit, a South African competitor.
Carolina Girls and some friends aboard The Caballero came in and we made reservations for 20 at Sidney’s.
TricaH and Tommy came down and we had a great dinner at Sidney’s. HoneyCat was dressed up in Christmas lights and had a tree on the stern rail, Christmas music left playing as we went ashore.
It was great meeting Derek and his family and also having fun with Tricia, Tommy and the rest of the gang that met up!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!

Day 9: Sail to Cane Garden Bay. Again, a bit windy and ‘ol dad here was a bit worn down. Did several tacks then gave in to the motors so we could tour Apple Bay before entering CGB. We took a mooring and then saw that there was NO SAND visible, only white and sunburned bodies of strangely dressed people. Fat hairy men in Speedos, some with black socks, women looking funny too, the cruise ship invasion, OOOHHHH NOOOOO~!!!!
We eventually ventured ashore and parked in front of Rymers and started a tab. I about fell off my chair when a local came up to me and requested $10.00 for use of the chair.…I told him NO, I am on Rhymer’s mooring and drinking from their bar and NOT a cruise ship person!!! He consulted his boss, pointing at me; the boss sent him away and later apologized to me. Nicole was getting very frustrated trying to skim board; people did not have a clue, just walked right in front of her.
By about 2:00 PM, it was OUR beach again, they left mounds of trash, beer bottles, etc. on the beach. We cleaned up around where we were sitting, took all of 5 minutes.
I gave all my 3 of my Santa Hats to the bar crew at Rhymers, they loved them!!
It was nice relaxing Christmas day now at CGB.
We shared some drinks with Big Daddy and sons, soon to be Members here and then retired for dinner aboard and a movie.

Day 10: Drop the mooring and head for the BareCat base at 7:15 AM.
An uneventful passage, stopping at Nanny Cay for fuel. As soon as we tied up, they lost electrical power. We waited about 30 minutes and were packing our things up for de-boarding. I finally called Barecat, and they instructed me to just bring her in without fuel.
It was really wind in sea Cow and I kinda blew the docking, just bumped the dock a bit. Geez, Mike and Tom musta thought: we let this have this boat for a week????
The debriefing went well, I had felt some imbalance on the starboard prop, Mike dove it and did a bit of scraping, just barnacles I suppose.
We packed everything up, thanked everyone for such nice service and were whisked off toward CRC and Apple Bay by George Winter of Dave’s taxi Service. George was nice enough to stop at a little grocery store so we could get a few tings.

We deposited our mound of luggage outside CRC and went in for a peek!!!
I opened up the big hinged storm door to reveal a unique experience in itself!!!
I got our warmish beers in the fridge and popped one of Mal’s cold Red Stripes.
I spent the next hour just putting around the place admiring all of treasure of beach stuff Mal has collected; cracking up out loud many times…..the girls had thought I have finally lost it!! Lynn had to remind me to go out in the alley and get our luggage!!!
We ventured down to Sebastian’s, played in the surf and had some cold ones over at Bomba Shack. We met Mal’s neighbor, Peter, very cool Guy and nice family, he owns the place next door and comes down to surf.
Dinner at Sebastian’s was very nice, met Uschi while sipping a rum punch at the bar.

Day 11: Cruised around Apple bay a bit, getting a flair for the area, very relaxed and neat community. Ran into Chyrel, (right?) The Purple Pineapple Lady and chatted a bit.
We snorkeled out in front of Bomba Shack on the reef, as the swell was down and saw some unique things, a snow shovel, Christmas lights, mangled propellers and some cool fish, along with a fan coral that is green with gold veins.
Another few cold ones at Bomba, then back to CRC for some lunch and rest.
Dinner was at Banakeet, fantastic in all ways, the scallops were wonderful, Lynn loved her pork dish, and they made a special chicken fettuccini that only almost rivaled Rita’s for Nicole that was not on the menu, very accommodating.
The sunset was fantastic and the other diners very pleasant as well.

Went back for another night of sleeping to the sound of surf and an early morning ride around the backside of Tortola to the Airport..

By far the best trip yet, very nice way to spend the Holidays with my Family!!!
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