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Update on intenet access
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Calypso Me
Link to this postPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:33 pm    Post subject: Note Update on intenet access

Does anyone have an updated link to WIFI (free or not) in the BVI?
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Link to this postPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:46 pm    Post subject: Note Update on intenet access


Donít know whether this is absolutely up-to-date, but here goes :

WiFi - Tortola see :
and :
see: TTOL Sponsor
and :
There are several options in / near West End :
Pusser's Restaurant (Soper's Hole)....Free WiFi
Pisces Restaurant (Soper's Hole)....Pay WiFi
Caribbean Jewelers, aka Samarkand Jewelry (Soper's Hole).... Pay WiFi $5/15 minutes
Voyage Yacht Charters - at their dock/base - Soperís Hole Free WiFi
Soperís Hole Marina - 1 hr. $2.95, 3 hr. $4.95, 24 hr. $9.95
D' Best Cup Free (with purchase)
North Shore
AppleSurf Seaside Villas - Apple Bay (WIFI in package)
Sebastian's Hotel & Restaurant - Little Apple Bay - access in restaurant and patio,
internet desk in reception (WIFI)
Chateau Relaxeau Caribe (CRC) - Little Apple Bay
Myettís Garden and Grille - Cane Garden Bay (WIFI) BVI Marine WiFi
In CGB, can usually find it at Big Banana, Quito's and quite often off the boats at anchor.
Near D Beach Limin Bar - Josiahís Bay
West End
Pusserís Restaurant - Soperís Hole (WIFI)
Caribbean Jewelers (aka Samarkand) - Soperís Hole
Pisces Restaurant - Soperís Hole (WIFI)
Jolly Roger Hotel & Restsaurant - Soperís Hole (WIFI)
South Shore West of Road Town
Manuel Reef Marina - Sea Cows Bay (WIFI)
Coconut Telegraph - Nanny Cay (WIFI)
The Genaker Cafť - Nanny Cay (WIFI)
Prospect Reef Resort - Drakeís Highway, near TMM and Fort Burt
TMM Yacht Charters - at their dock/base - Prospect Reef
Road Town
Village Cay Marina Hotel/Bar - Road Town (WIFI)
Sub J's Internet Cafť & Sandwich Bar - Wickham II, Road Town(WIFI)
Caribbean Connections - Road Town, near Village Cay Marina
ďThe PubĒ - Road Town, near TMM and Fort Burt
Village Cay Marina/Bar - Road Town (WIFI)
Le Cabanon Restaurant - Road Town (WIFI)
The Caribbean Wave - Road Town, Chalwell St. - downtown
Popeye's Stationery Store and Document Centre - Road Town
Internet Cafe (above the Serendipity Book Store) - Main Street, Road Town (WIFI)
Serendipity Book Store - 151 Main st., Road Town
Public Library - Road Town, Flemming St. (above Riteway)
DataPro (computer store) - Road Town, Flemming St.
"Bits n Pieces" formerly, formerly "Click On Line" - Mill Mall, Wickham's Cay I
Copyright Systems Ltd. - Road Town, Wickham's Cay I
Caribbean Printing Quick Copy Co. - Road Town, next to Riteway - Wickham's Cay II
CCT Boatphone - Road Town, near Bobby's Market (in lobby)(BVI Cellular)
The Moorings (lobby, restaurant) - Road Town, Inner Harbor (BVI Marine WIFI)
Cable and Wireless BVI - Road Town, Pasea Estate office, near Moorings
South Shore East of Road Town
Fat Hog Bob's - Hodges Creek (WIFI)
Hodgeís Creek Marina - East End, Maya Cove a.k.a. Hodgeís Creek (BVI Marine WIFI)
Eclipse Restaurant - Pennís Landing Marina - Fat Hogs Bay
Beef Island & Marina Cay
Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe - Beef Island TTOL discount BVI Marine WIFI
Marina Cay (WIFI) Free
Beef Island Airport (WIFI)
De Loose Mongoose - Beef Island (WIFI)
Last Resort - Trellis Bay (WIFI)
Leverick Bay (Coffee Shop & nearby) - also near Leverick Bay Villa Rental Office (WIFI)
Peter Island
Little Harbor - (WIFI)
Peter Island Resort - pavilion area
Norman Island
Pirates Restaurant - (WIFI)
Cooper Island
Cooper Island Beach Club - BVI Marine WiFi
Virgin Gorda
Spanish Town
Mine Shaft Cafe - VG (WIFI)
Spanish Town Marina - Spanish Town, VG (WIFI)
The Chandlery - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour - Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Dive BVI - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour - Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Bath & Turtle Restaurant - Spanish Town
The Valley
Olde Yard Village - The Valley, VG (WIFI)
Mahoe Bay - in and around office - VG (WIFI)
Little Dix Bay - beaches - $20 per day
North Sound
Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) - North Sound, VG (WIFI) Free
Saba Rock - North Sound, VG (WIFI) BVI Marine WiFi Free
Leverick Bay (Coffee Shop & nearby)
- also near Leverick Bay Villa Rental Office - Leverick Bay, VG (WIFI)
Jost van Dyke
Corsairs Bar & Grill - Great Harbour, JVD (WIFI) Free
Jost van Dyke Scuba - Great Harbour
Christineís Bakery - Great Harbour
Soggy Dollar - White Bay (WIFI) BVI Marine Wifi
Neptune's Treasure - Anegada (WIFI) - get the key from Randy or George at the bar. This requires buying dinner.
Anegada Reef Hotel - Anegada (BVI Marine WIFI) $79/week
Purple Turtle - Anegada

Dugg & Chris
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Link to this postPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:11 pm    

For our May trip, I purchased a Alfa antenna unit, with 9db antenna, and hot spot. I don't believe we were without wifi, except for a day or two. The unit was great when a close spot was off or down, we could always find one using the 9db directional antenna. Setting in Leverick Bay, right next to De Loose Mongoose, we had intermittent signals from all of the close sources, but had a good constant signal from Marina Cay. I was even able to utilize some of the other boat hot spots, some of them have little or no security on them.

The Hot spot, made it so that everybody on the boat with a smartphone or computer could get on the signal, without a problem. Cost for the entire setup was less then $100.

At Norman. you get a good signal from Pirates, as long as they are open. When the lights went out the signal went out.

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Calypso Me
Link to this postPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:34 pm    Post subject: Note Now that's what I'm talkin Bout

What a great list, thanks. I need to do payroll while I'm gone and a little wifi is all I need. I know the regular spots on VG but we may be out and about. Thanks again
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:02 pm    

Does anybody know of a good antenna for the IPAD ???
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Link to this postPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:29 pm    

If you do what I did, that will work. That was one reason I went that direction. Once you gen the wireless router up at home, hook the antenna unit to it. It becomes a hot spot your settings will hold, once it is unplugged.

Here is a link to the page:

I think we ended up with 5 smartphone, one was an apple, a couple of tablets, and a laptop hooked to it at one time.

The unit and antenna are compact enough, I carry it with me in my laptop bag, especially if I am going out of town and end up at a hotel that charges for wifi. I normally can use this unit and find a free wifi someplace.

The one place I had problems getting wifi was in Great Harbor. Foxy has a public signal, but it is low power, so had to go into shore to use it, really kind of smart on his part. I could get it out on the boat, but the signal was intermittent.

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