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TSA Experiences?
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:05 pm    Post subject: Note TSA Experiences?

In the interest of spurring some activity - which I sorely miss - on this site (and because I am sick and tired of TTOL closing interesting threads all the time so I need to replace my daily fix)....

I was wondering how you all are dong with the TSA security checks. I keep reading articles on their heavy-handed tactics with passengers and thought maybe you guys had some stories to share?

I recently was in Las Vegas. On the trip there, I never had to go through the x-ray scanner but on the way home there was one at every security checkpoint and everyone had to go through. When I got there I said that I was 'opting out' and she acted like she didn't understand me so I said it again. Still didn't understand me so I said "I am not going through your backscatter machine." She then said that it wasn't a backscatter machine and that there was no x-ray or radiation. She said it was done by - I think she said ultrasound - and that it was perfectly safe. I said I didn't want the image projected where I basically look naked to the viewer either. She showed me a picture of what the image would look like and it was just a white area in the shape of a person with no details. I was doubtful that it was not a backscatter but she insisted that it wasn't so I went through it as she never offered me the option of a pat-down instead - which is what usually happens.

I am still not sure that the machines weren't backscatter.
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:55 pm    

We used to fly all over the caraibes and the Bahamas with my buddy "stinky" and his pacemaker
We always allowed extra time for the stinky pat down that got VERY close and personal on a few occasions
At one point in SJU I thought they were going to have to get a room.....
So may be the scanner is not so bad after all
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