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Link to this postPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:33 pm    Post subject: Note Fishing advice...

So my brother and nephews will be aboard with us on charter in January. The boys want to fish off the boat, trolling and at anchor.

They have collapsible rods already, and have never done ocean fishing. Not sure what to tell them. Boys are 11 & 14, do they need a licence?

Any advice on lures, lines, etc., would be great. Not too worried about locations, as I'm sure wherever we are, a line will be in the water or trolling behind the boat.

They don't want to spend a fortune, and they may end up trying bone fishing if we make it to Anegada...time permitting, so that will cut into the budget, obviously.

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Link to this postPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:32 pm    

In the BVI, kids under 18 don't need a license.
I usually troll with a travel rod, a Penn 330 reel, 30lb test line, and a selection of top-water and diving lures.
The top water lures are best if you're sailing faster than say 6 knots.
The diving lures are best around 3-5 knots.
I've had trouble with diving lures (Stretch lures for example) staying stable at high speed.

Another option is to make a hand-line. Buy 100 feet of parachute cord, a bungie cord, 8 feet of 80lb mono-filament leader and lures as described above. It's cheap and they do catch fish. You get more break-offs with a hand-line.
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:24 pm    

On our last charter last year, my two boys had a great time fishing. I posted a fishing report where you can read the details, but basically, we had the best luck trolling surface lures that we brought with us. "Tuna Toast" & "Dolphin Candy" in various colors are the ones we had the best luck with. We had a lot of strikes and boated a few as well. Bring a bunch as you may lose a few and we found that ours started to get chewed up the more strikes we had. If I could do it all over again, I would add multiple lures to each of our 2 handlines to increase our chances. I'm sure a guy at Bass Pro can suggest some hardware that you can use to attach multiple lures to the same line.

Here's a link for the simple and cheap handlines I brought with us:

Good luck...please post a fishing report when you get back.
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