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June/July BVI Charter report, what a blast!!!
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Link to this postPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 3:12 pm    Post subject:  June/July BVI Charter report, what a blast!!!

Trip Report June/July Charter
Here is a link to the photos!!
Day 1 June 23. Arrived at Nanny Cay, went straight to the pool by Peg Leg as our room was not ready yet. Settled in and had a few cold ones, then checked in, same room we have had many times, but totally remodeled with new tile, counters, beds, fixture, etc. Really nice job Nanny Cay!!
We enjoyed the AC and all the hospitality. In the evening our friends arrived, I had a cake waiting at Peg Leg for Nina's birthday and had a wonderful dinner of seared Ahi. The new Chef, Peter is awesome!!

Day 2 June 24. Breakfast at Gennakers, hang out with some locals, brought pancakes back to the room for the Girls. More pool, cold ones, then pizza party at Peg Leg for my Daughter's 12th. Birthday. Another wonderful cake made from the bakery in Road town, the best cake we have ever had!!

Day 4: June 25th. Fixit from The Moorings picked us up right at 9:00 AM and off to the base. Super easy check in and boat briefing. We can raise the main with the windlass, what a great deal!! Our Bobby's order arrived at 11:00 AM. It was mostly complete but had many price increases and only a 5% discount, then a big hassle with the driver telling me my credit card was no good. He took it back to the store and everything, then we just put it on another card. Left the base around noon, straight to The Bight. We stopped at The Caves for a great snorkel.
Everyone got situated on board, then we went into Pirates for a round and some fritters. We left the tab open for the Girls and went out to the Willy T. We ran into Verve, he was in a hurry to leave with some hotties aboard his rented power boat, but shared a shot of Jager, oooh, how do people drink that stuff?? We had a great time, took some photos and then back to get the Girls. Wow, the Bushwackers took their toll, the Girls were hammered, or as they say, Bushwhacked!! We had our DDD, Ariel take us all back to Popoki II for burgers at the Bight!!

Day 5: Off to Trellis Bay, Guy from yacht shots got some great photos on the way by. We had a great upwind leg, training the crew to steer, tack and trim the boat. We passed a few big monohulls and also 3 cats, pointing like crazy and going 8-9 kts.!! I am totally stoked with the Moorings 4300 performance!!
We picked up a mooring, kayaked and snorkeled, went ashore and then towed the Kids on the towable until I got busted for speeding. We made reservations at Last Resort, great meal, ribs that just fall off the bone!! Bottom, the Donkey lured me in for a petting, then about took a piece of my hide!!

Day 6: breakfast aboard, then off to Monkey Point. Incredible snorkeling, even our beginners did great, saw lots of sea turtles. Lunch on board, chili dogs and grilled cheese samiches, then off to Lee Bay for a beautiful afternoon. More snorkeling, kayaking, then really good BBQ chicken on board.

Day 7: off to The Baths!! We enjoyed for at least an hour, then the cruise ship crowd arrived. We managed to snorkel and explore, then back to the Popoki II for lunch. We headed up to Gorda Sound, a nice reach and great boat speed!! I caught 2 nice Tuna family fish and released them. We called Nick at Leverick and were assigned a slip. What a class act, he helped tie us off, hook up the electrical and made sure we had everything we needed. We enjoyed the pool, hot shore showers, the laundry, and of course the Bar. We had a fantastic dinner, accompanied by a really good piano entertainer that even played Happy Birthday for me, with the whole place joining in. The Chef made me a killer cake and we had a blast!!

Day 8: Anegada was the plan, but there was a serious wave coming in. I was hesitant to take my green crew into a situation that was unknown and did not want anyone to be uncomfortable. None of the people aboard had ever sailed before except my Wife and thought of getting them into 35-40 kt. conditions and an unprotected anchorage changed my plan. We headed off for Cooper Island and had a great sail, 11-12kt. speeds were seen while reaching and I was still catching fish, prolly about ripping their poor lips off!! We settled in at Cooper, floated around behind the boat and snorkeled up on the shallow end. the variety of fish was better than anywhere and we saw a lot of cool looking squid!! Dinner at The Cooper Island Beach Club was very good, I ordered the Rib Eye, this thing had to be at least 1 lb. and very tender. The waiter served me a free desert with a sparkler on it for my Birthday even thought it was the day before, my crew is nuts!!

Day 9: Off to Jost!! We had a nice reaching and DDW sail to Jost, I taught the crew how to sailing wind and wing (with a cat even!) We sailed past Ft. Recovery, it looked great. We got our Drinking Mans'guides out and ventured to One Love then Soggy Dollar. Ran into more TTOLers there, but it's a little blurry on who they were!!
We returned to our anchored yacht, on the end of the Bay by Verve's Bene and almost 100 ft. of chain out in 6-7 feet of water. The plan was to move over to Great Harbor, but the weather was closing in fast. People were panicking on other boats, motoring over their chain and crashing into stuff. I told everyone to be calm and take a shower on the runoff from the hardtop bimini. We held tight and were very safe. The Fullmooners were anchored in front of us and sustained some damage when a power boat crashed into them. I went over and visited for a beer, but did not stay long. It was a rainy windy night, but I slept very well, getting up to check our position periodically.

Day 10: a short stop at Sandy Cay. A little rough so we just motored over to CGB. We got a nice mooring and played on the beach all day. The Kids learned to skim board and we met a lot of nice folks. Cheeseburger in Paradise at Stanley's, the n dinner aboard as the crew preferred.

Day 10: a great sail back to Norman Island, again to weather and a bit rough, going very fast and keeping a hand near the clutch for the un reefed mainsail. The Kids were actually getting air and getting very wet up on the tramp and screaming their lungs out, having a blast. They of course had PFD's on. The entire crew got a hand at steering and tacking the boat, we really are getting good now, we passed many boats going to weather.
Back at the Bight, flew some kites, snorkeled some more, then made reservations for dinner at Pirates. The food was very good, very professional served.

Day 11: Another spirited sail back to the base!! I prolly should have reefed the main on this one, but did shorten the headsail with the furler to keep her under control. We sailed through a waterspout, very exciting. The check out at the base was, again, seamless. They were very happy with the condition of the boat, we returned her very clean with only a broken shower head. We had lunch and swam at the base, then off to Ft. Recovery.
I will continue the report soon, work calls and there are people coming into my Office distracting me, dang work!!
OK, I'm back!! Upon arrival at Ft. Recovery, we were greeted by Pamalah, she immediately apologized that the Villa we reserved was occupied and hopped in the van and asked the driver to back up into the compound a ways. Pamalah guided us up a staircase to the new 3 BR Penthouse Villa!! What a view, what a place, new in Dec. '05 and very clean. Nice tile, fixtures, new beds and 3 AC units!! The crew collapsed for a while then revived with some cold ones a splash on the beach then the pool. We had our welcome dinner and it was really good, served by their star employee, Perfecto. This guy even made the clothes he was wearing and when he is not serving, he raking the beach and keeping the place looking good. ft. Recovery is aptly named, we needed to recover!!

Day 12: Relax all day and more swimming and sunning. Dinner at Jolly Roger, again, what a great Host!! We were greeted by the Owner and met some more TTOL'ers and even met Nancy and Walker. We sat waterside and had a great time. My only regret was not getting a bigger table where we could sit together! The food could not have been better, and then we met Capt. Paul's Son, he drove us back to the Villa. We immediately cancelled our taxi rides with The Moorings, Capt. Paul was the way to go!!

Day 13: Wifey off for a massage and pedicure thingy at Ft. Recovery. We called Capt. Paul for a ride into Pusser's Marina for some shopping. Capt. Paul charters his Bene 38 and other boats and is a real Gentleman, I will keep his number for future trips! I had to buy an extra duffel to get everything home. We used our Drinking Man's Guides again for some AM Painkillers to get the day rolling, then just chilled some more at Ft. Recovery. We had dinner with them again, for $30 a head, it is a good value, homemade soup, choice of entrees and a nice desert, all served by Perfecto!!

Day 14: Off to the Airport: Paul Jr. picked us up, all dressed up in a tie and all, he works for the BVI Government and gave a full narration on the way to the airport, again, what a nice young Man!!
We flew out on schedule then all hell broke loose in Puerto Rico. Our baggage never made it to the Customs area, as the handlers are Union and all went to lunch. We missed our connector and were pretty bummed, we were ready to get home to see our big Pup!!
We finally arrived at LAX around 10:30 PM, 4 hours late and rode the Limo home.
What a great rip, the Company was fantastic, a couple with their daughter that my Family had never met and a divorced couple with their son!!
I'll try and post a video, I bought a new HP Media Center Computer that I can prolly do this with.
OK, Back to work!!
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Link to this postPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:29 am    

All those views and no replies, well, here's few more pics!
A few more photos, we have only scratch the surface!!
Part of the gang at The Baths before the Cruise Ship Hoards arrived!

A cool Parrotfish:

Spolied Kids, Smoothies at Nanny Cay!

The Queen of sunscreen and Bug Juice!!

Capt. Mark and Wifey recovering at Ft. Recovery:

Buddy Bill doing a "Bipto Ball"

Ft. Recovery from the "water cam"

There's more to come, i really want to get some video clips up, some are pretty funny!!

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Link to this postPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:26 am    

Great pictures as always. Seeing your kids have so much fun makes me want to bring mine next time. BTW, did you have enough sunscreen??

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Link to this postPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:37 am    

Funny on the sunscreen!!
I packed the bug juice and BOTH my Wife and daughter packed sunscreen for the whole crew!!
Great trip, I gotta do at least 10 days on the boat next trip!!
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:49 pm    Post subject:  your cruise

Well - i will reply. Great photos - we are heading out tomorrow (12Aug) for 2 weeks from UK. We have also chartered Moorings 4300.

Will post report on return.
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:53 pm    

Have a great trip!! Be sure and bring a foam noodle the type used as floats. The hard top bimini is murder on your head!!
I checked yachtshots yesterday and The Moorings left the ones we installed on the boat!!
More photos here!

Put the pads on both sides per the photo below.
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Link to this postPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 4:07 pm    Post subject:  Noodles and head protection

Good tip, cheers.

Any tips on the M4300? - we are just 4, wife and 2 kids age 11 and 12. First time i have bareboated a cat. Windage must be a factor....but i guess two engines help.

PS. was hoping to spend 8 hours reading my BVI guide on the flight but no books allowed...

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Link to this postPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:31 pm    

Hey Kent, The 4300 is really a great boat! We 9 people aboard, 6 adults and 3 Kids, plenty of room!
Another tip: Raise the mainsail while on anchor or on a ball, use the electric windlass, slack the mainsheet way off, get on top of the bimini and guide the battens thru the jack stays.

When tacking, slack the new lazy sheet and try your best to keep it from catching on the winches on the mast. It takes some practice, but no biggie. If you get in irons on a tack, fire up the engine opposite the direction of the tack for a few moments and push you around. Backwinding the headsail works too.

We have reserved Jeannius for our next charter, a boat that lots of people of traveltalkonlune reccomended. It's a privelege 435 with generator, AC, microwave and better performance they say.
We had the 4300 up ove 12 kts. of boatspeed sevral times on reaches.
have a great trip!!
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